Simulation & Visualization of an Eulerian Fluid on the GPU

The course Modeling and Simulation is divided into two parts. The second part is exclusively based on a group project were you are allowed to simulate pretty much anything you want. We chose to do a fluid simulation, with the Eulerian method. This involves having the simulation domain discretized into a grid, where the advection and pressure can be solved. Doing advection on a grid always results in numerical errors, which we had to compensate for.

The surface of the fluid is tracked with the Level-Set method, and then converted into a mesh with the Marching Cubes algorithm. From there, we printed obj-files for every frame and imported these into 3Ds Max for the final renderings.

The simulation is implemented partially in CUDA to take advantage of the GPU. Therefore, we can run the simulation and visualize it with a real-time ray caster.

The report is available in swedish only.