Light-Stage rendering on the GPU

I did a simple real-time Light-Stage renderer in Matlab, with the use of Accelereyes’ Jacket. A HDR environment map is used for the lighting. 

The object is photographed, illuminated from 253 different direction, one at a time. For every image, the direction of that specific light is derived, in spherical coordinates, and from that, a pixel in the environment map is chosen (The map has been scaled down to smooth out the lighting). The intensity of that pixel can then be multiplied with the the whole specific image. This will give the illusion of the object being illuminated by the environment map. All the 253 images are intensity scaled in different aspects and finally summed to create the final image.

All this is done about 10 times per second, for a 256×256 image size, thanks to the parallelism of the GPU.

This project was a part of the course Image Technology